The Future Of The Marijuana Industry In The US of A

Arena is not alone in this growing field of cannabis-derived pharmaceuticals. In April 2015, GW Pharmaceuticals plc (LON: GLC) of London received orphan drug status for Epidiolex , a drug based on the cannabinoid CBD. It has shown promise in trials for helping to reduce the number of seizures in those suffering from severe epilepsy. (See also, ” Marijuana Penny Stocks: Where Risk Meets Sin .”)

An Uncertain Future

With marijuana’s many social, fiscal and medicinal benefits, why isn’t full-blown federal legalization happening now? And should investors jump in on companies that will profit from the national legalization of marijuana? Before making any investment decisions betting on the future of cannabis, consider a few important caveats.

Based on a meta-analysis conducted on 79 trials and 6462 participants, The Journal of the American Medical Association ( JAMA ), concluded that evidence for cannabis in treating chronic pain and spasticity was moderate.

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