The Innovative Storage Container For Oil Cartridge

Cartsdom Roulette

Cartsdom, a team of oil cart lovers, released its storage and carry container designed for oil cartridges. They intend to offer the ideal storage and protection solution for your oil cartridges. The Roulette was created with the on-the-go, design-conscious consumer in mind.

Cartsdom Roulette is an innovative container with a special arrangement where it can store six 510- threaded cartridges which range from .5ml to 1.0 ml. On the bottom, there is an additional, single storage slot for cartridge with a magnetic base, which provides a fast swap.

Maintain the Oil Cartridges Safe and Clean

Cartsdom Roullete Silver

Hemp-derived oil is sensitive to sunlight and heat. Storing your pre-filled oil capsules in aluminum case keeps them away from heat and sunlight. For petroleum packs, keeping them away from heat and sunlight can avoid oil corrosion or chemical changes. The built in silicone plug on the lid looks like a hat, the brim of the”hat” makes it simple to remove the plug in moments.

Simple to Use

Place the cartridges within the designated spots and close. The Cartsdom Roulette case for utilizes a magnetic force to maintain your carts secure. The case’s top has a simple access hole which enables users to slip out a cartridge without opening it. If you would like to take out another, simply twist to another one and pour it out. The minimum design lets it slide into any backpack, bag, and even a medium-sized handbag subtly. If it drops out or prying eyes watch the Cartsdom Roulette, the silent design will not alert anyone to what is in the case, and the carts are secure after the accidental fall.

Play Carts-roulette with Fun

For a bonus, the escape-hatch style opening is fun for enjoying oil cartridge-roulette with different oil ratios and tastes. Enjoy the pleasure of playing with this oil cart-roulette.

The best trick to extend the life span of oil cartridge is to unscrew the cartridge from the pen whenever it’s not in use and place them in the Cartsdom Roulette. With Cartsdom Roulette, never misplace or split another oil cartridge.

Cartsdom Roulette was created with the on-the-go, design-conscious consumer in mind. Minimal design, high quality manufacturing, relaxing and safe experience are core of the pursuit.

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