The Secret to Unlocking Full Cannabis Flavors and Effects–Boiling Points

The Key to Unlocking Full Cannabis Flavors and Effects–Boiling Points

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The major attraction in cannabis was its psychoactive compound. Nevertheless, the evolution of the cannabis market has fueled a growing awareness that THC is one of many biochemicals which make cannabis.

“What’s become apparent in the past few years is that many of the effects we attribute to cannabis aren’t only from cannabinoids like THC and CBD, but out of the way they work in concert with chemicals like terpenes,” says Cameron Hattan, lead grower that the California cannabis company Fiddler’s Greens.

That’s now &rsquo cannabis consumers are paying more attention to other aspects of the plant. Visitors to dispensaries take their time online and in-store examining terpene profiles, exploring the more than 85 cannabinoids found in the plant, and trying to experience every flavor the flower offers. As opposed to simply seeking the horizontal psychoactivity of THC, rsquo & they;re seeking more nuanced results associated with cannabis, such as stress relief the creativity, and anti-depressant qualities influenced by these compounds. Many are also searching for the best way to love the spice of caryophyllene, the citrus taste of limonene, pinene’s evergreen notes, and the rest of the intricate tastes cannabis can present.

The key to experiencing this array of tastes, aromas, and effects in cannabis is understanding the points of the compounds. Terpenes and cannabinoids work together to produce the complex effects of cannabis. Each of these chemicals boils at a temperature that is particular. The biochemical won & rsquo if you don & rsquo; t warm it to that point . You, and go beyond the point, however ’re likely to scorch it beyond recognition.

Every compound in the plant resembles a tool, if you imagine cannabis for a piece of music. Some are loud and attention getting; others are audible; without which it’s incomplete, but each adds a voice to the work.

“There are more than 125 terpenes found in cannabis, and it’s these compounds that provide the plant its flavor and its essence,” says Hattan. “If they get destroyed during the process of you, consumption ’re going to end up with a encounter that is one-note that rsquo, doesn &;t do that plant justice. ”

And like instruments in an orchestra, each individual terpene and cannabinoid has to be dealt with individually.

While setting fire activates some chemicals in the plant, many others are scorched by it. This practice is known as destruction, and it’s about as good for your cannabis as you’d expect for a phrase with the phrase “jealousy &rdquo.

As opposed to putting a torch to cultivated flowers or extracts, vaporizers offer you contents to heat to a particular temperature. That activates the chemicals users want without burning everything around those chemicals.

All of aren’t created equal, however. It & rsquo; s still not delivering the best possible expression of the plant, if your vaporizer of selection isn & rsquo; t cannabinoid on your cannabis and hitting the point of each terpene.

The field has gotten crowded with various products, as vaporization has grown in popularity. Vaporizers that let users hit at that temperature correctly and quickly, and set a temperature of their choice, are easy to discover. But hitting at one temperature reliably reveals any cannabis flower’s entire story.

That’s much higher than the 264°F levels required to boil beta-caryophyllene, which gives it & rsquo to the strain;s woody and earthy undertones. But many of these notes that were symphonic are being missed or only experienced since the terpenes are being burnt — by vaporizers.

Loads of vaporizers on the market can hit at precise temperatures –but as being whole, precise isn & rsquo; t the same. Even the most accurate of those tools can treat overheating them causing the destruction that is pyrolytic that consumers came to vaporization to prevent — or while leaving others out in the cold.

Get to Know Your Flower and Concentrates

To solve this problem and assist cannabis consumers get the fullest experience of their flower & concentrates, the vaporizer pros at Firefly have introduced a new technology to their most recent product line–dynamic convection heating. Instead of heating to a predetermined temperature, convection that is dynamic heats the air around your cannabis across a increasing range in temperatures. This procedure activates the entire spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes because it allows them to boil into gas form that is inhalable at each of their individual boiling points.

This approach allows consumers to experience the entire lineup of cannabinoids and terpenes present while uncovering sides of favorites, showing the character of breeds that are advanced.

“One of my favorite breeds is a Durban we’ve been growing for years, and one of those notes in there is just this slight, sharp hint of overripe grapefruit–a bit sour and a little sharp,” says Hattan. “I love that notice, but you’re only going to get it with the Firefly. It’s a great way to experience depth and the breadth of any strain. ”

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