The State Of Marijuana Delivery In 2019

The State Of Marijuana Delivery In 2019

After nearly fifteen months of growing pains, California is set to roll out the official annual licenses for legal cannabis sales to 40 million residents. In an age of convenience where just about anything can be ordered through your phone, marijuana delivery might just be the most exciting opportunity for consumers.

Existing delivery companies under old rules are finding the leap to full compliance under California’s new legalization laws a daunting task. Currently, unlicensed cannabis delivery companies are all over the state serving their customers with licensed and unlicensed product. “It’s a bit like Whack-a-mole,” said a spokesperson for California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control. “We shut one down and another two pop up.”

Unlicensed companies are able to sell unlicensed (and untested) product for prices well below their fully licensed counterparts. Therein lies the primary reason California’s black market is thriving; that and exorbitant taxes on legal sales. Consumers don’t see the inner workings of legal and illegal cannabis—they just want their weed. Once annual licenses are granted, the state will turn its attention to shutting the doors on hundreds of unlicensed, illegal companies. Too much tax revenue is being lost.

A new fully licensed premium cannabis delivery service called Flowsent has entered the marijuana delivery market with a fresh take on home delivery. With service to east bay cities in and around Oakland as well as Marin County north of the Golden Gate Bridge, Sonoma County and Sacramento, the company will be delivering to over 85 cities throughout California.

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