The Zoo: Is It Worth the High?

The Zoo: Is It Worth the High?

Welcome to “Is It Worth the High? ”, listen to the album drops, and try experiences while high to determine if they & rsquo; re worth your time, money, and your cannabis buzz where our writers see newly released films. Dante Jordan takes a trip, this week.

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Everyone likes to get high and watch nature documentaries. It’s only part of the culture. But what about going to a zoo and actually residing a nature documentary? Is a fun activity to do while high? Well, I got blazed that were dumb ventured out to learn. Let’s talk about it, shall we?

For a couple of years, I’d been hearing that the Fort Worth Zoo was one the very best in the land. Ahead of my birth, I ingested THC that was enough to take a rhino down. I was prepared to walk around the stare and zoo at/learn about creatures for hours upon hours. Did the enjoyment go as planned? Well, not exactly.

Heatwaves and Kidwaves

Zoos are a great idea–in theory. Animals are entertaining and dope to watch in their ldquo;natural” habitat. It doesn’t help that summertime is prime time when the zoo is FLOODED WITH KIDS RUNNING AROUND AND BEING LOUD AND OBNOXIOUS FOR NO REASON.

No matter where you go or what you’re trying to see, there’s always going to be a group of children banging on the windows or pushing you to have a closer look. And you can be angry, because the zoo is sort of for kids, not stoners. In addition to the fo children, and much like amusement parks, zoos are a game of heat.

You’re going to be outdoors and it will be so very hot, unless you reside in one of these areas where the temperature barely crosses 80. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I hate being while. It makes my body feel weird, and I get can lead to death. No biggie.

Are the Animals Happy?

Besides warmth that is incredible and the children, the zoo kind of sucks. The animals aren’t. A gorilla may come up and bang on a window, or maybe you see a lion tamarin move but the animals are only laying around staring at you as you stare at them.

It’s really no different than seeing animals on Google Images.

This and aquariums differ because the water facet makes the animals all more active interesting. No lie, I watched a group of kids scream in a tiger to & ldquo; do rdquo & something; for no less than 20 minutes. Did he? Hell no.

Plus, for a zoo to be worth the large, the selection of animals needs to be extensive. We’ve all seen regular ass giraffes and rhinos and orangutans, so if they don’t have a particular exhibit or featured creatures, nothing’s going to make that specific zoo special enough to warrant it being a stoner adventure. At most zoos, this is the case, but luckily for me, the Fort Worth Zoo had a white tiger (which just so happens to be my favorite animal).

Is It Worth the High?

Are zoos worth the large? According to my experience, I’d say no. It’s way too hot; all of the kids running around like hooligans will certainly blow your high and cause intense anxiety; and even if you see one cool animal, it ’t compensate for a myriad of unimpressive creatures.

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