Things To Know Regarding Colorado Medical Marijuana

Officials say the lack of a statewide registry makes it too hard for law enforcement to check a pot-grower’s claims that they are producing marijuana for patients. “We want to make there aren’t any bad actors sending their marijuana out into the black market,” said the bill’s sponsor, Rep. Jonathan Singer, D-Longmont.

The bill also requires the Colorado medical board to step up oversight of doctors who recommend pot for patients’ severe pain the most common condition authorized under the state’s medical pot registry but one that critics complain is overused by unscrupulous physicians.


A state review of medical marijuana code suggested smoothing out small differences between the way medical and recreational pot are regulated. Many consumers don’t realize the difference and indeed many pot shops sell both. Regulators currently “must enforce two sets of standards on what amounts to a single industry,” the review noted.

For example, commercial marijuana must be tested for potency, homogeneity and contaminants. For medical marijuana products, that testing is optional. Look for lawmakers to make testing mandatory for all marijuana products. They’ll also probably ban producers from infusing “recognized brand-named products” with marijuana, such as cookies or candies.

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