Tilray to Supply More Critically Ill Children in Australia with Medical Cannabis

Tilray to Supply More Critically Ill Children in Australia with Medical Cannabis

Tilray CBD 100 Product Successfully Exported to Victoria, Australia and Will Be Supplied to Additional Pediatric Patients

Tilray will disperse its CBD 100 product to three hospitals in the state of Victoria via its wholly-owned subsidiary Tilray Australia New Zealand Pty Ltd.. The goods are being provided to Royal Children’s Hospital, Monash Children’s Hospital and Austin Health with support from the Government of Victoria’s Department of Health and Human Services, Victoria (DHHS), where they will be distributed to children suffering from intractable epilepsy.

Tilray first declared that the company successfully exported medical cannabis products to Victoria in March 2017. The products were distributed through a access scheme designed to medical cannabis access for pediatric patients in need to 29 ill children. According to the government, these 29 patients became the first in Victoria to legally access cannabis.

Earlier this year, the Victorian government released an update on the status of the compassionate access scheme. According to the update, in less than 1 year the scheme “has already helped children see a decrease in seizures and has significantly improved their quality of life. ” the Victorian government labeled The number of patients gaining access during the next few years ldquo a & expansion & rdquo.

Tilray CBD 100 includes a target concentration of 100mg/ml CBD at a 25ml vial. This month the Tilray CBD 100 products, which will be provided to patients via compassionate access, were successfully exported from Nanaimo to Victoria, Australia.

Tilray is pleased to serve licensed medical cannabis patients in Australia and New Zealand. Prospective patients and interested physicians can contact Tilray at [email protected] or 1800-361-664.

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