Time for common sense on medical marijuana

In 2004 Montana voters, by wide margin, passed an initiative to allow marijuana use for medical purposes. Persons with specified debilitating conditions, such as multiple sclerosis, epilepsy and chronic pain, could receive a medical marijuana card, if certified by a medical doctor. This provided blessed relief for some sick people.

For example, one witness suffering severe cancer said that he would be “dead by now” if not for medical marijuana because his chemotherapy made him vomit 24 hours a day. He said: “I am sorry. I am passionate about this, it’s the only thing that helped.” Another patient, now dead, suffering from emphysema and other debilitating conditions, down to 69 pounds, pleaded not to have to go back on opioids because they put her in a zombie-like state and she wanted to enjoy her last days with her grandchildren.

Unfortunately, there were abuses—particularly over-certification by a few rogue doctors who barely examined their patients. This was effectively addressed by the Montana Board of Medical Examiners, which clamped down on doctors who did not follow the required standard of care.

To read more: http://missoulian.com/news/opinion/columnists/time-for-common-sense-on-medical-marijuana/article_e1ab6cdb-9a80-5d1c-a08b-fc3ed8fc9a47.html

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