To Bring Innovative QuickStrip ™ Oral Thin Strips aphria and Rapid Dose Therapeutics Sign MOU s Portfolio of Health and Adult-Use Brands

The companies intend to enter into a definitive agreement in the future pursuant to which RDT will offer exclusive international preferred rights to Aphria to produce, distribute and sell QuickStrip ™ goods.

This proposed strategic partnership highlights Aphria’s persistent focus on innovation with a view to incorporating the latest technologies to revolutionize the way consumers and patients integrate cannabis in their lives. RDT’s innovative QuickStrip&commerce; is an easy-to-use, effective and safe oral fast-dissolving drug delivery system, developed in conjunction with McMaster University that provides effectiveness and accurate dosing. With this technology, Aphria plans to generate oral thin strips for both the medical and adult-use cannabis markets.

“Aphria is committed to bringing breakthrough innovations to the global cannabis market, and that’s why we are eager to introduce RDT as a tactical innovation partner,” said Jakob Ripshtein, Chief Commercial Officer at Aphria. “They’ve developed a really innovative product that will offer both consumers and patients a new way to consume and expertise cannabis. We eagerly anticipate launching QuickStrip&commerce; delivery technologies across our portfolio of health and adult-use brands and look forward to extending this valuable partnership to other markets around the world.”

Said Mark Upsdell, Chief Executive Officer at Rapid Dose Therapeutics:”Partnering with Aphria is a natural match for RDT as we deliver our patent-pending proprietary technology to the health and adult-use cannabis markets. Customers embrace oral thin film strips everywhere as a effective and safe delivery device for low dose impact drug, vitamin, and use products. Aphria’s innovation-led approach along with the Company’s substantial infrastructure, capacity and global reach make this an ideal strategic partnership for both companies.”

Under the agreement that is definitive that is proposed, Aphria will have the ability to deliver products developed using RDT’s QuickStrip & commerce; technologies in the future and to international markets in which the Company operates.  

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About Aphria
Aphria is a global cannabis company driven by an unrelenting commitment to innovation, product quality and our people. Headquartered in Leamington, Ontario — the greenhouse capital of Canada — Aphria has been setting the benchmark for its low-cost production of safe, clean and pure cannabis at scale, grown in the ordinary conditions possible. Backed by the latest technologies and focusing on untapped opportunities, Aphria is committed to bringing breakthrough innovation to the cannabis market that is global. The corporation’s portfolio of brands is grounded in customer insights developed to meet the needs of every consumer segment. Rooted in our founders’ multi-generational experience in agriculture, Aphria drives sustainable long-term shareholder value to strategic partnerships, innovation and growth , with a presence in more than 10 countries across 5 continents.

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About Rapid Dose Therapeutics
Rapid Dose Therapeutics, RDT, is a Canadian bio-technology firm providing tumultuous proprietary drug delivery technologies designed to enhance patient outcomes. RDT provides product creation, manufacturing, and consultation to the industries.

For more information, visit: rapid-dose. com


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