Try These Strains Before Attending Your Next Sporting Event

Try These Strains Before Attending Your Next Sporting Event

If you don’t get high before attending a sporting event, then you’re doing it all wrong. I mean, sure, you can have a fantastic time while being sober, but you may have a great time while being lifted.

So with that said, I curated a listing of proposed strains that you indulge in, depending on which sport you’re going to see. Peep the listing, use Leafly’s Finder to find the dispensaries stocking these strains, buy, and enjoy some great ol’ sportsball.

Strains to Pair With Exciting Sports (Basketball, Football, Soccer, Hockey)

Sports that fall under this category are the types of sports that include constant back and forth action, which keeps you engaged from start to finish. A major play is always looming, so you’re stuck to the edge of your seat as you don’t want to miss that big dunk or the chance to yell “GOOOOAAALLLLL” in the face of whoever’s sitting next to you. For that reason, you should indulge in strains that’ll have you uplifted and energetic, feeling hyped and ready for that big moment.


Candyland’s a high-THC, sativa-dominant hybrid that’ll are you super smacked without the paranoia. As a mix of Grandaddy Purple and Platinum GSC, it’s got an earthy sort of scent and a sweet taste, with impacts that will have you uplifted, participated, and at a whole entire universe of euphoria. Smoke these before an exciting sport and those big plays will feel that much bigger.

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  Green Crack

Everybody knows how great, energized, and focused Green Crack can make you feel. It’s one of those strains that you can smoke and electricity through the day like you drank 84 cold brews, so it’s perfect to smoke before a sporting event that you want to get locked into.

Cotton Candy Kush is another high-THC strain that leaves you feeling good, feeling great, feeling great, feeling great, such as Outkast on “GhettoMusick. ” As a mix of Power Plant and Lavender, its powerful effects are relaxing yet still energetic while inducing happiness, freedom, and total euphoria, so you’ll be much more excited when you see that Ronaldo bicycle kick for the game-winning goal live and in person.

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Stardawg is one of the best smelling, best tasting, most euphoric, most energetic, most everything strains I’ve ever encounter. Gifted to me by LTRMN in Portland, I smoked this and walked around town for hours, falling in love with everything and everybody. It’s certainly a strain I’d urge smoking before a sporting event, because each and every dip, touchdown, and goal will probably feel like the best moment in sports history for you.

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Strains to Pair With Chill Sports (Baseball, Golf, Tennis)

Sports that fall under this category tend to be a lot more laid-back and reserved. Baseball games can be long and dull, and golf clubs and tennis games need damn near complete silence, with mild clapping being the most excited you can get, so if you’re overly hyped at any of them, you might feel somewhat uncomfortable or out-of-place. These strains will help you lean a bit more towards the indica side of things.

Obama Kush is a terrific indica with a relatively mild THC percentage that’ll chill you out without knocking you out. I smoked a gram joint of Obama Kush a couple weeks ago and knocked out the whole first season of Ladies Incarcerated on Netflix, which is still shorter than one full-length baseball game.

Larry OG is a hybrid of OG Kush and SFV OG, whose indica effects will overtake your body and have you along with your toes in the air like your Cares-to-Give Meter is at zero. Smoke a bit of this and you’ll have no trouble sitting through an entire round of golf, where the most exciting thing possible is a fox running across the program.

Cheese is an indica-dominant hybrid that:

  1. Actually smells like Cheese, which is wild; and
  2. will have you feeling relaxed while avoiding the sleepy sleepy nap nap frame of mind.

You can smoke some Cheese and kick back in comfort for hours, so if you’re going to see one of the chill sports where everything’s deathly calm and silent, Cheese is a fantastic strain to indulge in beforehand.

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