Try This Strain: Orange Cookies, the Body High for When You Are Low

Try This Strain: Orange Cookies, the Body High for When You Are Low

Since moving to Seattle I’ve been on a conquest to find the best strains in the cannabis game. Thus far, I’ve fallen in love with multiple: Chocolope, Purple Punch, Dutch Treat, and now, my most recent love, Orange Cookies.

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Orange Cookies is a hybrid cross between Orange Juice, an indica-dominant hybrid, and the famous GSC, which is known for its full-body high and pain-relieving qualities. It retains a strong odor of citrus which explodes every time you break the nugs apart in a series of its varied terpenes. Orange Cookies provides a sleek high that’ll put you in a world of relaxation without necessarily putting you down for the day. In fact, I smoked this and proceeded on a Target adventure for hours.

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When I smoked Orange Cookies, I originally thought it was Super Sour Diesel (the nugs were in exactly the exact same bag, labeled according to their position in the bag). So the whole time I’m smoking the joint I rolled, I’m thinking “Wow, this tastes far more orangey than I recall SSD tasting. ”

I also questioned the large. Super Sour Diesel usually provides alerting, energetic euphoria, but this strain was making me feel more and more relaxed with each puff.

I was feeling quite stoned–yet comfortable. It made me want to research with music playing in my ears, so I headed to Target and had an Orange Cookies-induced adventure. It’s a great strain for actions of that nature. Whether you’re walking around Target or just having a casual stroll through the park, this is a great strain for a chill excursion.

With evaluations ranging from very good to exceptional, Orange Cookies has been deemed a fan favorite by Leafly users, as indicated by these reviews:

By Cindica:

“Orange Cookies must be the tastiest bud I’ve tried up to now. One of my favorites with no doubt. ”

By KingKush:

The taste is 100% identical to the smell and feeling is amazing. Perfect to be honest. It’s a strong Active High, Just as I Love it! 👑”

From axlrosegnr:

“A friend once told me, “as soon as you discover it, you’ll only know it’s ‘the one. ’” Strain after strain, most certainly wonderful, but nothing that actually popped out at me. Until Orange Cookies. Exciting head/body combo. Uplifting and enchanting like a great Christmas movie. Fun to shoot pictures of. Photogenic. Pretty. Way prettier than me. Smells like oranges too. Show me somebody who doesn’t like that smell. I eat an orange every morning just so my hands smell like orange. It stays all day, even after several washings. I’m tempted to attempt Orange Cookies using orange juice as the bong liquid… Hmmm”

The Orange Cookies I smoked was from Uplifted Farms, a craft cannabis farm in Salem, Oregon. However, there are plenty of other reputable manufacturers of Orange Cookies–Jungle Boys, SubX, and Pistil Point (see below)–which can get you hooked up. Just check Leafly to learn where it’s available nearby.

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