Two months out from recreational marijuana sales — is Nevada ready for the green rush?

Recreational marijuana sales are just two months away with sales set to begin on July 1.

The legal and heavily taxed sales of pot are expected to bring tens of millions of dollars into the state by the end of the year.

So, Nevada … are you ready for the green rush?

Jason Sturtsman thinks so. He’s a cannabis advocate we met in a North Las Vegas production plant which creates cannabis vape pens.

“Some dispensaries may very well stay medical but in Colorado, recreation is about 80-percent of the market,” said Sturtsman.

Sturtsman is confident early retail pot sales are on track for a July 1 launch.

“Any medical marijuana establishment, any cultivation and production, any dispensary will have the ability to apply for a recreational license as long as they are currently open,” said Sturtsman.

But before that can happen, Nevada lawmakers must approve Senate Bill 302, which is currently stuck in the Senate but is still alive.

Plus, this week, Clark County is considering its own set of pot rules.

“Hopefully we’ll be ready in time,” said Commissioner Steve Sisolak. “One of the big things that had to be done is to protect our most important industry, which is the gaming industry. That all the restricted and unrestricted licenses could be involved in this process, they are. There will be no deliveries made to those areas, there will be no consumption allowed in those areas.

It’s a lot of work to do in 60 days but Sturtsman says it’s worth it, considering recreational pot is projected to bring a $70 million shot in the arm to Nevada’s tax base.

“We are trying to provide suggestions to the Department of Taxation to make sure that we have those July 1st sales because we don’t want to miss out on those 48 million tourists that come to Nevada every year, and for us to wait until January 1st, 2018 is too long,” said Sturtsman.

Once the recreational industry is in full swing, we can see as many as 80 retail pot shops throughout all of Clark County.

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