Utah latest state to legalize medical pot, expand Medicaid

Utah latest state to legalize medical Marijuana, expand Medicaid

SALT LAKE CITY — Voters in conservative Utah have decided to join the growing number of states legalizing marijuana and expanding Medicaid to pay tens of thousands more taxpayers, two problems that had stalled out with state lawmakers.

Utah will be on the list of over 30 states after the plan maintained that a vote lead in Friday 28, allowing access to marijuana to patients. The measure will be revised, though, under a compromise that won the approval of Mormon church leaders.

The religion had opposed the ballot proposal over fears after the offer was agreed to by months of fierce debate, although it could lead to use. By blocking marijuana edibles like biscuits which may appeal to kids and won ’ t allow people to cultivate their own marijuana if they live too far from a dispensary it will change the law.

Published at Sat, 10 Nov 2018 02:59:54 +0000

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