Vancouver’s’Almost Legal’ Cannabis Retailers Explained

Vancouver’s’Virtually Legal’ Cannabis Retailers Explained

Cannabis is now legal across the country but in the province known for its beautiful marijuana and history of cannabis activism, the landscape is even more hazy now than it has been in recent years.

As of today, the government of British Columbia has not licensed private recreational cannabis retailers to operate even though dozens of them are operating anyway–and have racked up more than a million dollars in fines.

Some retailers of compassion clubs and cannabis in Vancouver find themselves in a legal “ gray area, ” because they have been given business licenses and/or issued development licenses to them by the City.

In fact, the City voted to begin licensing compassion clubs and cannabis retailers in 2015 even though they were prohibited under provincial and federal legislation. Around 176 establishments applied for licenses. Most did not meet requirements that are stringent.

Those that did had to apply for a development permit to the City. After clearing that hurdle, they had to apply for a municipal business license.

The process was complex and long , even between lotteries to choose between retailers that were situated near each other but met requirements.

Vancouver’s municipal Medical Marijuana-Related Use (MMRU) business license wasn’t issued May 2016, nearly a year after the licensing scheme started. Since then, compassion clubs and only 17 additional cannabis shops have obtained municipal MMRU licenses — one of which has since closed — but dozens of retailers are still in the development permit stage.

So, what now?

Now, as cannabis legalization comes into effect, those licenses are being discontinued and the province has introduced an excess layer of licensing requirements.

Because of this, anyone wanting to sell recreational cannabis must meet with municipal requirements, get a development permit and a cannabis license. Moreover, a cannabis business license that is municipal must be got by this business. MMRU license-holders aren’t exempt from the process that is new.

BC’s Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch plans to roll out its network similar to the BC Liquor Stores, of BC Cannabis Stores. But as of today, the only BC Cannabis Store announced is in Kamloops, 250 km NE of Vancouver.

Now, online sales from BC Cannabis Stores started. Retailers are prohibited from selling recreational cannabis online.

Under the new regulations, their cannabis supply must be bought by provincially licensed cannabis stores from the BC Liquor Distribution Branch that will acquire its cannabis from licensed producers.

Where to Purchase Cannabis

It ’ s unlikely s police chiefs, while the aforementioned BC Cannabis Store in Kamloops are the only legal source for cannabis on October 17.

Vancouver Chief Constable Adam Palmer said he hadn & rsquo this week;t heard of any police departments planning to crack down on illegal dispensaries .

Enforcement against cannabis retailers will mostly fall as they do with liquor sellers into states, which are using inspectors to levy fines, but Palmer said authorities would work together. He said rsquo authorities wouldn &;t concentrate on shutting down boutique grow-ops which are currently waiting for national licenses and might, instead, concentrate on those allegedly connected to organized crime.

British Columbia’s safety minister Mike Farnworth told reporters that the authorities had obtained 173 applications for cannabis retail outlets throughout the province–62 of which was reviewed and sent to municipalities for review. Thirty-five of those are in the latter stages of the approval procedure. Farnworth said more cannabis stores would open in the coming months.

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