Verde Science, Inc. (VRCI)

Verde-Science-Final-Logo1A former oil and gas energy company, Verde Science, Inc is now focusing on developing high-quality medical marijuana and related technologies through partnerships in the industry. The company intends to provide cannabis research and development, aeroponics technology, and technical services. It seeks to make an entry into the medical marijuana market in Canada and introduce aeroponic growing to Southern California.

Verde Science is currently working on its THC Pharmaceutical Development Program, which will develop custom formulations and delivery mechanisms for cannabis-based drugs. The program is run through its alliances with the Institute of Chemical Technology and a yet-unnamed pharmaceutical company, both based in Mumbai. Upon obtaining an R&D license under Canada’s regulations, the company will then conduct clinical trials in the country.

In terms of its aeroponics growing technology, Verde Science has provided its services for the design, construction, financing, and management to a medical marijuana dispensary. The licensed dispensary, Sherman Oaks Holistic Oasis, is based in Los Angeles County and serves more than 1,600 patients. It is the initial site to which Verde Science has provided its aeroponics-related technical services.

Verde Science, Inc was founded in 2007 as Avro Energy, Inc, which developed oil and gas properties, as well as provided oilfield services, in the Arkansas-Louisiana-Texas (ArkLaTex) region. The company became Rango Energy, Inc in 2012 and then Verde Science, Inc in 2014.

Currently, Verde Science is traded in the OTC markets as VRCI, with a market cap of USD 1.26 M. Its key management persons are Harpeet Singh Sangha, Chairman, President, and CFO; John Kenney Berscht, CEO; and Craig S. Alford, VP of Exploration. The company’s research and development efforts are specially led by Drs. Ratnesh Jain and Prajatka Dandekar Jain.

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