Victoria Cannabis Lounge Stays Open After $30K In City Fines

Among the bigger gray areas in the emerging legal cannabis industry has been the use of smoking ‘lounges’–which act as a safe haven where people can use their product without needing to consume it in public. While there are some cannabis cafes scattered throughout Oregon and a potential location opening in Colorado, many weed-legal states have yet to establish a set of provisions to permit such on-site locations.

The same goes for Canada, who is set to legalize recreational cannabis that October.

On-site consumption remains prohibited, and it’s forced many locations to close their doors. However, 1 place in Victoria, Canada has been resilient in making their case to remain open–and it’s cost them quite a great deal of money in the process. $30,0oo, to be accurate.

The Terp City Canna Lounge in Victoria has faced many obstacles in their quest to offer legal cannabis users with a place to toke up. While, by legislation, the public smoking is outlawed–particularly after the Capital Regional District added cannabis for their anti-smoking regulations, in the realm of common sense, such locations are necessary for the burgeoning industry.

“You want this in the community. Not everyone is allowed to smoke at home,”  Terp City routine Majick Stirling told local news site “We have safe consumption sites for Individuals who are using other drugs, safe consumption sites for alcohol, we want safe consumption sites for cannabis as well”

While management has fought the city tooth and nail to remain open, the penalties are starting to pile up. The city’s lone remaining cannabis couch has racked up $30k in bills as his software for a city business license have not been approved.

“The bills are piling up just for this and I’m like what are we honestly doing wrong? ” Cheyne said. ”If you’re gonna start regulating it as a municipality then where are these people, particularly for recreational purposes, going to swallow it? You’re banning it everywhere. ”

The fate of Terp City hangs in the balance, but it’s unclear what the legalization of recreational marijuana will do for the social lounge. The city will take their struggle with Terp City to court, but it remains to be seen how Canada’s rapidly-growing cannabis industry will factor in on the city’s decision. Right now, the province is focusing in on the retail portion of the soon-to-be-legal industry, putting social consumption locations on the backburner. At least, for now.

Regardless, ownership isn’t prepared to wave the red flag just yet.

“I hope we win this battle and that council understands that we’re needed,” Cheyne said.

Published at Mon, 25 Jun 2018 17:31:18 +0000

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