Video: How The Senate Voted

Video: How The Senate Voted

Have a look at the video above to your audio from the standing vote at the conclusion of yesterday’s Senate session, where the Cannabis Act passed with a vote of 50:36, with one abstention, following almost six hours of debate.

Find out which senators voted “Yay” and which voted “Nay”. There are 32 Conservative senators who were compared to the Cannabis Act, and they voted as a block, and it appears that they could convince a few independent senators to vote against the bill also.

This was a crucial vote for the Trudeau government as the July deadline for legalization is fast approaching, and a defeat would have set the entire time frame in peril since the Cannabis Act already spent seven months being examined in the Senate.

though the bill passed, there are no guarantees that cannabis will be lawful by July since there still is a way to go before the bill can become law.

Now, the Cannabis Act (aka Bill C-45) is moving back to the House of Commons so legislators can review the Senate’s amendments. The amendments could be kept, struck down, or altered, and it’ll be sent back to the Senate for another vote, where more alterations may be made.

Once that is completed, the invoice will be sent to the Governor-General for Royal Assent and become law, which means that cannabis legalization is almost here!


CTV News: Senate passes marijuana bill.

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