Weed the People Gives Children of Medical Cannabis the Spotlight

Weed the People Gives Children of Medical Cannabis the Spotlight

The medicinal use of cannabis by sick children is the subject of a new documentary that’s now showing in limited engagements at theatres nationwide. The documentary, Weed the People, by executive producer Ricki Lake and manager Abby Epstein, follows terminally ill children and their families desperate to find a medicine that works.

Lake challenged skeptics of medical marijuana in a television interview with CBS News.

“there’s now an FDA approved drug for epilepsy. Therefore it s this hypocrisy.  I think about informing the public to comprehend the 14, it s. And this was a medicine for tens of thousands of years and just hasn’t been a medicine for 80 years. ”

Lake explained that the project began through her experience with a young fan and her late husband, who used cannabis to treat chronic pain, anxiety, and ADD. When Lake told Epstein that she was going to accompany a 7-year-old girl, who had contacted her while competing on Dancing with the Stars, on a trip to a medical marijuana physician, the idea for the film was born.

I think this is our next movie,” Epstein said.

Challenging Stigma

Epstein said they decided to concentrate on sick children and their families in an attempt to preemptively mute any argument that medical marijuana is really just about getting high.

“These are infants — literally infants — in the film going through chemo and you see just how much this medicine — in some cases, their parents are crediting it for saving their lives. It’s pretty dramatic,” Epstein said.

Lake said that while she expected to convey valuable information with the film, Weed the People is not about indoctrination.

“My whole type of foundation in all the movies we make collectively are about informed choice,” Lake said. ”

Lake added that she considers the documentary could help further the conversation on the medicinal use of cannabis.

“I think our film really has an opportunity to sort of be the tipping point for really having the public understand what this plant is about, what it can do,” said Lake.

Lake and Epstein believe the documentary could lead to a better understanding of medical marijuana and its potential to help address serious public health issues including the opioid dependence tragedy.

“We hope this film is sort of a game-changer for people that are really skeptical or just didn’t understand what medical cannabis looks like,” said .

Weed the People has screened in film festivals in places including Los Angeles, New York, Tel Aviv, and Marin County, California. Screenings of the film are currently scheduled at theatres throughout America through February 2019.

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