WeedMD and Pita Pit Launch Pioneer Cannabis Corp..

(TSX-V:WMD) (OTCQX:WDDMF), a federally-licensed producer and distributor of medical-grade cannabis, together with Pita Pit Canada, a privately-owned Canadian fast casual franchise eatery with over 600 stores worldwide, including over 225 shops in Canada, are pleased to announce the national launch of retail services provider, Pioneer Cannabis Corp.. .  

Taking inspiration from its creators, Pioneer provides a platform for Canadians with an entrepreneurial spirit and the goal of owning and operating their own cannabis retail shop. Pioneer will provide retailers with many different services such as but not limited to identifying places, providing assistance with licensing and security procedures, point of sales and payment systems, marketing services, and training platforms which will consist of cannabis educational programs – each in accordance with the distinctive regulatory environment in each state and municipality.

Pioneer’s operations are being led by President Kristie Smith, who brings over eight decades of experience as a senior executive in Pita Pit. Most recently, she was responsible for directing many aspects of the retail services business including development, franchising and operations. Kristie has been integral to the growth of the Pita Pit business.

Chief Executive Officer Jordan Schwartz has extensive experience handling start-up companies and other dynamic environments and has held several executive roles including most recently managing director at Serruya Private Equity where he oversaw acquisitions, investment and asset management of numerous retail, property and consumer product companies.

Alexander Liszka, Chief Development Officer, has more than 12 decades of experience advising private and public clients across the globe on acquisitions, commercial arrangements, job development and regulatory compliance. Most recently Alex was senior legal counsel at IBI Group Inc., a global architectural, engineering, design and technology firm.

Collectively, Kristie, Jordan and Alex bring more than 35 years of combined entrepreneurial, retail, franchise, development and marketing expertise.

“Pioneer brings an opportunity to those entrepreneurs interested in joining the cannabis industry, but who may not have the financial backing or the operational expertise to pursue opening their own retail cannabis shop,” said Kristie Smith, President of Pioneer Cannabis. “Through this cooperation of established Canadian companies, we are paving the way for small companies to participate in the emerging retail cannabis area which will promote local economic growth and opportunities. ”

“The partnership between Pita Pit, that has helped many small business owners realize their dreams through proprietorship, and WeedMD, a trusted premium cannabis producer and distributor, will help entrepreneurs start up and run their own stores safely and effectively,” stated Keith Merker, CEO of WeedMD. “We are excited to be a part of the opportunity and, together with Pita Pit, we anticipate Pioneer setting the standard for the Canadian cannabis retail experience. ”

“We are enthusiastic about this unique opportunity to employ our retail development and operating expertise to help finding the right individuals and retail locations for this distinct business as it unfolds in an exciting, rapidly emerging industry,” stated Chris Fountain, CEO of Pita Pit. “We care about our communities – in which we live and do business. We are excited for the chance to step up and be responsible stewards within a system which will benefit from participants who are of the highest integrity and are committed to the well-being of the people within these communities. ”

Pioneer will pursue retail opportunities province by province according to prevailing cannabis retail regulations. For further information, visit the Pioneer site www.pioneercannabis.com

Around Pioneer Cannabis Corp..

Pioneer Cannabis Corp. is a retail services provider caused by a collaboration by two industry-leading Canadian firms, WeedMD Inc., a trusted licensed cannabis producer, and Pita Pit Canada, a franchising and brand expert, to develop opportunities for everyday Canadians to realize their dreams of owning and operating their own cannabis retail shop.  The values of Pioneer are rooted in community and providing small business owners with the opportunity to thrive and contribute to their community economy. We are pioneers of cannabis retail, encouraging companies from the ground up and setting the standard for Canadian cannabis retail.

Around WeedMD Inc..

WeedMD Inc. is the publicly-traded parent company of WeedMD Rx Inc., a federally-licensed producer and distributor of cannabis and cannabis oil for both the medical and adult-use markets under the Cannabis Act. The rainwater now has 110,000 square feet of licensed space in production and is expected to have a total footprint of more than 550,000 square feet online in early 2019. WeedMD has a multi-channeled distribution strategy that includes supply agreements with Shoppers Drug Mart and provincial distribution agencies, as well as through strategic relationships across the seniors’ marketplace in Canada.

To find out more, access WeedMD’s investor presentation here and recently upgraded corporate video here.

Around Pita Pit

Founded in 1995 at Kingston, Ontario near Queen’s University, Pita Pit® is an innovative fast casual restaurant with a unique mindset which challenges consumers to Refuse to Settle&commerce; for anything less than quality, wholesome, freshly grilled food. After rapidly earning a loyal following in its home market, franchising started across Canada in 1997 and, in 1999, the brand expanded to the United States. Now boasting more than 600 stores across North America and internationally across 13 countries, Pita Pit offers its clients countless ridiculously delicious, customizable flavour mixes of grilled meats, fresh vegetables, and zesty sauces all rolled into a unique and convenient pita bundle. To find out more about Pita Pit, visit www.pitapit.ca/consumer or www.facebook.com/pitapitcanada.

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