Welcome To The Dark Side Of The Legal Reefer Boom

Marijuana Stocks Need to Grow Their Balance SheetsAs a contractor for the Department of Defense, a certain David (not his real name), aged 29, sat in an office on a military base in Afghanistan. At this agency, he has been working for like 90 hours a week. When he is not working, he devout his time researching investments on the internet.  That’s because “I don’t have anything else to do”, he said to Business Insider.

On that same day when he was interviewed by Business Insider, he came across a video on YouTube featuring a radio show talking about FusionPharm (FSPM), a Denver-based firm formed in 2011 that sells PharmPods, or “professional self-contained cultivation solutions,” as Scott Dittman, CEO of said company, explained on the program. It tells about FusionPharm making steel trailers for indoor agriculture which can also be used by marijuana growers as mobile greenhouses.

To read more, visit: http://www.businessinsider.com/marijuana-penny-stocks-2014-7

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