What Are Rapid Strains?

What Are Rapid Strains?

Accordingly, there’s safety-related hazards during the 2 weeks and lower chance of weather. Light-dependent, these breeds do need a change in photoperiod to go into flowering mode.

Quick, early, fast…there’s no way you haven’t heard of those strains yet.

Referred to in many ways that are different to mean the same thing growers don’t have a good idea of quick’s meaning when applied to some cannabis strain. They are. They re not. But they re. Therefore, if you’re searching for something quickly should you choose a fast? Well, let’s look at one question at a time and take a step back.

Are Rapid Strains Feminized? Yes, They Are

Put another way, they re cannabis plants which produce flowers rather than pollen they bear buds re female–and whose flowering period depends on the hours of light they get in a 24-hour day. The plants will continue growing and won ’ t blossom while the hours of light transcend the hours of dark. This is because feminized strains remain stuck in the period–growing taller and wider, taking root and growing branches until there’s a change in light exposure and they get the very same hours of light and darkness each day, at which stage flowers start to bloom.

What Are Quick Strains?

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Are Rapid Strains Autoflowering? No, They’re Not

Autoflowering breeds –or autos–are breeds that blossom automatically about 25 days after germination. The change from the to the flowering period does not respond to a change in light exposure, but is dependent upon the life cycle of the plant. This is why we suggest that you stick to the identical light cycle (18/6) when growing an auto. Due to their ruderalis source, autoflowering plants can’t be kept at the period for longer than a month–they are programmed to start bearing flowers at the latest on day 30. And, of course the production of buds will be in line with the size of the plant.

Are Rapid Strains Faster? Yes, They Are

This is the best asset of breeds: the fast versions of feminized varieties are faster than the rest. Generally, crossing a conventional breed with an autoflowering, the result of which is an F1 “ QUICK that can’t be defined as a car but which does develop quicker produces them. This is because its autoflowering genes, which produce a quicker flowering period compared to light-dependent plants.

Why to Choose a Quick Over a Car: Since You Want Plants Which are Fast But Also Major

The advantage of strains over autos is that they allow growers to accommodate the vegetative period to their needs. So, if you want to grow let’s say a massive plant like those which are frequently seen on the West Coast of the USA, you’ll just have to keep it growing for three months, but with the benefit of knowing that the flowering period will be shorter than if you were growing the conventional edition.

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