What is Marijuana Shake?

What’s Marijuana Shake?

Have you ever bought weed and wondered why half of it was, basically, dust and scraps? Or, better case scenario, you smoked most of your good buds, and you’re left with scraps in the bottom of the bag? While it might not be your ideal set of buds to pack your bowl, it’s not like it won’t get you ripped.

The proper term to your less-than-perfect scraps is shake. It is, at its core, the leftovers from the bud. But it can also be so much more.

So what’s marijuana shake, just?

Let’how exactly it can be best utilized by you, and s take a look to the less-than-glamorous remains of weed.

What’s Marijuana Shake Used For?

So what’s marijuana shake used for, exactly? Well, the same thing any sort of pot is used for–smoking!

There s not much one has to know, when it comes to marijuana shake. Fundamentally, when you’re storing a large amount of cannabis, it’s not likely to remain perfect forever. Some pieces of leaves, stalks, or sections of this plant get lost in the mix. The good news is it ’ s quite usable although this, clearly, isn ’ t the best of your buds. In fact, you might be smoking shake frequently without even being aware of it.

Back in the day, your local weed dealer might give you the deal of the century on a few shake that he couldn’t eliminate otherwise. Perhaps a half an ounce of shake for 25 bucks.

However, in the landscape of the cannabis industry, shake has been sold to you, often without you realizing it.

A lot of the pre-rolled joints in dispensaries are shake. Dispensaries wish to sell as much of the product as possible the stuff that some might deem unsalvageable.

However, shake actually isn’t as bad as some folks think. At its heart, it’s basically the same as marijuana you put through a grinder.

This isn ’ t necessarily the case in dispensaries, while some shake might be sold under the guise of a freshly rolled J. In fact dispensaries sell a lot of their shake in a discount. So if you’re someone who rolls a good deal of joints, blunts or spliffs, you might wish to consider buying shake, instead of shelling out top dollar for buds you’re going to need to go through the trouble of dividing , anyhow.

Understanding the answer to the question “ what’s marijuana shake ” and after reading the above, you come to a crossroads–is bud shake a bad thing, or a fantastic thing?

One of the good qualities of shake, is it s cheaper than nugs. If you’re going to use it for rolling a whole lot of joints, or even making edibles, where the consistency of the bud doesn’t really matter for extraction purposes,  you might also get the best bang for your buck.

There s an off chance that some of your shake is potent that is additional. If it’s sitting in the bottom of a vacuum-sealed tote for some time, it may collect some kief on top, making it stronger than regular weed. But if it hasn’t been in storage to make that happen it s likely that your shake is as powerful as a regular nug.

However, there are a few risks when buying shake.

Some shake might come complete with trimmings–something that you definitely do not want. Among the most aggravating elements about smoking is removing seeds and the stalks, if your shake contains plant trimmings yet you might find yourself with a surplus of them.

Second, it s hard to identify shake. It could be a mixture of leftovers from strains, so there’s no telling what you re likely to get. So you prefer a certain breed, or if you ’ re using the herb for medicinal purposes, getting pre-rolled joints or buying shake, in general, may not be the best course of action.

And an obvious flaw, of course, is that shake tends to be dried out. You ’ re going to want to use it immediately if you do purchase marijuana shake, or store it in a jar.

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