Where Colorado’s MMJ Patient Population Ranks in the Top Ten States

It’s no secret that public support for marijuana legalization is on the rise, but there’s common ground where even prohibitionists can sometimes meet supporters of recreational pot: the medical benefits of the plant. So far, 23 states have passed legislative measures to legalize medical marijuana, and 16 have legalized its non-psychoactive component, cannabidiol (CBD), also for medical purposes – meaning that over half of the country has legalized some form of cannabis.

But how many people are actually benefiting from these laws? Colorado and California are both known for the relative ease with which a patient can attain a medical marijuana recommendation, but some states, such as New Jersey and New York, have shorter, stricter lists of qualifying debilitating conditions and require more verification, making their MMJ registries noticeably shorter.

In all, 1,246,170 Americans were enrolled in state medical marijuana programs (including the one in Washington, D.C.) as of March 1, according to a recent ProCon.org study. Most of the states with high numbers of patients are the usual suspects that have already legalized recreational marijuana – Colorado, Oregon and Washington – but some of the others that rank up there might surprise you.

With the help of West420 and Americans for Safe Access and data gathered from state regulatory departments and the Marijuana Policy Project, we’ve ranked the top ten states with the most medical marijuana patients. (Patient numbers are from the latest reports from state registries unless otherwise noted; numbers from California and Maine, which have voluntary patient registration, and Washington, which doesn’t require patients to register with the state, are estimates from the Marijuana Policy Project.) And they are:

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