Still, It’s Moronic To Invest In Marijuana-Related Penny Stocks

Investing and trading is hard enough, what with trying to compete against the best traders and investors in the world, dealing with bubbles and crashes, complicated tax regimes, changing demographics and so on. Why would you ever want to risk your money on dubious penny stocks?

The eight stocks I was recommending this time last year and still hold included Facebook FB, +0.30% Google GOOG, -0.10% Apple AAPL, -0.35% The best performer over the last year or so has been Ambarella AMBA, +0.69% which is up nearly 150%, and my worst performer was Lindsay LNN, -0.43% which was down 3%. I did sell a few positions during the last year, mostly for gains, with a couple losses in there like Cree CREE, -3.92% .

If you’d bought and held the stocks I was recommending this time last year when I was pleading with you guys to sell your pot penny stocks, you’d be up nearly 40% on average: If you’d bought and held the pot penny stocks I was bashing this time last year instead of having bought the stocks I was recommending, you’d be down an average of 80%. You read that right, without a single exception, every pot penny stock I’ve bashed over the last year is down at least 66%.

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