Your cannabis licenses, please

Your cannabis licenses, please

Health Canada recently released its regulations that aim to describe the Cannabis Act, but at 390 pages long it’s much to pay, so this piece will serve as an introduction to licenses.

But first, a little background

Many outlets have pointed out that Health Canada’s regulations are a whopping 390 pages long, but in reality, it’s just half of that unless (for some reason) you decide to read it in both French and English.

There are 4 new sets of regulations coming into force together with the Cannabis Act on Oct. 17 and they are:

  1. Cannabis Regulations
  2. New Industrial Hemp Regulations
  3. Qualifications for Designation as Analyst Regulations (Cannabis)
  4. Cannabis Act (Police Enforcement) Regulations

Also, at precisely the same time that legalization kicks in, the accessibility to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations, aka ACMPR, will be repealed along with the recent Industrial Hemp Regulations.

Prominent pro-cannabis lawyer Kirk Tousaw, who just (somewhat controversially) announced he had been working with Canopy Growth Corp., said on Twitter:

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