The World’s First Smoking Robot Is Here

It might not be as cool as a Westworld host, but it could be the next best thing. On second thought, it might be even better. Mainly because it involves getting stoned. Yes, we’re talking about the world’s first smoking robot, an artificial burn buddy, if you will. The Future is Now This year at the Silicon Valley Cannabis... more →
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21 Best Brunch And Weed Pairings

This listicle will go through the must-try brunch and weed pairings for your next morning outing. In no particular order, find what strains will best compliment your favorite brunch plates and satisfy those munchies. OG Kush with Pork Chops: While some might think pork chops is a weird brunch choice, it is very popular at brunch... more →
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What Happens If You Smoke Weed In Space?!

Getting high on cannabis can make you feel like your head is in the stars. But what would happen if you actually smoked weed in outer space? We know that NASA astronauts are not allowed to smoke or drink while they’re working up there. Smoking would create a major safety hazard, after all, and cannabis is still illegal in most... more →
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Venture Capitalists Rolling High in Cannabis Industry

It seems like everybody is trying to get in on the “green rush” of the legal cannabis industry. And that includes a growing number of venture capitalists. The cannabis industry carries with it a number of unique opportunities — and risks — for investors willing to bet on legal weed. But if current trends continue, ventures... more →
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Cannabis Pizza May Be The Best Thing Ever

It is no secret that people love to push the envelope with anything and everything you could think of. When it comes to weed, this concept is no different. This article will be your go-to guide on what Cannabis pizza is and why you need it in your life. Ways To Infuse Your Cannabis Pizza There are multiple ways to get that THC infused... more →
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5 Best Cannabis Delivery Services

In states where medical marijuana is legal, cannabis delivery services represent a thriving sector of the industry. But since states like California and Nevada have legalized recreational weed, medical delivery services are working on making the pivot to the exploding recreational market. Interestingly, cannabis delivery services... more →
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