Medical Marijuana Industry In Canada: The Ups & Downs

Canada legalized medical marijuana on a federal level 15 years ago, and last year put in place new regulations that have smoothed the road for marijuana entrepreneurs. The path, however, has been a bumpy one, and further uncertainty looms on the horizon. The rules have left some patients with few options to purchase and consume their... more →
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Parents Turn To Medical Marijuana To Help Their Children With Seizures

By the time Grace Brunno was 3, she was suffering 400 epileptic seizures a week. Her parents, desperate to ease her suffering, took a drastic step: They left their home in Missouri and moved to Colorado so their child could start a regimen of medical marijuana. Grace and the others are taking a form of hemp oil that offered no high,... more →
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T-Bird Pharma Inc. Announces Partnership with Medna Biosciences Inc.

T-Bird Pharma Inc. (TPI.V) (“T-Bird” or the “Company”), a pharmaceutical company focused on developing premium quality medical marijuana products and a licensed producer (“LP”) to cultivate marijuana under the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (Canada) (“MMPR”), is pleased... more →
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Rapid Fire Marketing Issues Shareholder Update

Rapid Fire Marketing (Pink Sheets: RFMK) has issued the following update on the Company’s business and objectives going forward in 2015: PocketPuffer™ Herbal Vaporizer Over the last several months, numerous improvements to the PocketPuffer™ dry herbal vaporizer have been underway at the factory in China. Rapid Fire Marketing... more →
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Cannabis Stocks Gain Traction, Begin To Rally

Similar to what was seen last year, it would seem, for now, that the sentiment surrounding marijuana stocks has begun to turn positive and this can also be echoed in many segments of the market including the biotech segment. Pharmacyte Biotech Inc. (PMCB) has begun to see an increase in both price and volume over the last week. After... more →
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Investors Think That Marijuana Could Be A Flourishing “Billion-Dollar Business”

Convergex‘s latest survey of marijuana dispensaries in Colorado showed that while shops say they’re still seeing 100 to 300 customers on average per day, prices across the board have been cut as more dispensaries open and people find other legal ways to buy marijuana. Justin Staley, who owns and operates nine marijuana... more →
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New Jersey Law Says That It’s A Crime Not to Surrender Drugs

Here, Obama ought to know better. Even if he didn’t read the Department of Justice’s report on Ferguson, surely he read the news stories about it. In Ferguson, there are almost as many arrest warrants as there are residents. No shit. Many of these warrants, how many is not made clear by the DOJ, are for minor traffic infractions. The... more →
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Kraft Acquisition News Update

The Standard & Poor’s 500 index gained one point to 2,092. The Nasdaq composite nudged down seven points to 4,986. Government bond prices rose, pushing down the yield on the benchmark 10-year Treasury note to 1.86 percent from 1.88 percent late Tuesday. Kraft Foods Group soared 33 percent after H.J. Heinz Co. announced... more →
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Penny Stocks Movers For Medican Enterprises & Other Pot-Growing Companies

It provides proprietary products, which include revitalizing and anti-aging skin cream under the Radiant Creations name. Is this company running promotion by penny stock promoter? Is there any insider trading in this company? Penny Stocks Full Report Today, Penny stocks insiders also observed abnormal trade volume for the following... more →
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Lawmakers Busy Working On Medical Marijuana Bill

ABC Board executive director Cynthia Franklin said that although the agency wanted marijuana expertise for the board, it was not opposed to having individuals who were familiar with the alcohol regulatory process for the first two years. The voter initiative legalizing recreational marijuana directed the Alcoholic Beverage Control... more →
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