Alaska Marijuana Entrepreneurs

Alaska Marijuana Entrepreneurs Play the Regulatory Waiting Game There is a long list of businesses in Alaska applying for bud licenses in 2018. And for some of these companies, the procedure can’t move. According to a May 8 spreadsheet of Alaska marijuana applications, there were about 470 businesses listed as new, pioneered,... more →
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Connecticut Democrats Call for Marijuana Legalization

Connecticut’s Democratic Party has endorsed cannabis legalization as part of its stage and calls for the release of nonviolent offenders for crimes related to the plant. With Gov. Dannel Malloy, US Sen. Chris Murphy, and other top state party leaders in attendance, over 1,900 delegates voted on the new party platform to... more →
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UK missing out on cannabis industry ‘green rush’ worth billions because of outdated policies, say experts

European cannabis industry could be worth €56bn but Britain is missing out as other countries such as Germany move to legalise The UK is missing out on a cannabis “green rush” worth billions of pounds because of nonsensical prohibition policies that criminalise a legitimate medical industry, hurting thousands of patients... more →
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Famous Dex Opens A Month

Famous Dex Opens Up About His Weed Habit Costing $10,000 A Month Rich The Kid is a young rap star that has made it clear that he doesn’t have an issue funding his intense weed habit. Making music, touring and running his own record label has left him with little to no time to roll his own blunts. In actuality, he’s... more →
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Women look to make mark on male-dominated marijuana Market

Women look to make mark on male-dominated marijuana Business JUNEAU, Alaska — When Danielle Schumacher attended her first convention of marijuana activists about 15 years ago, she could count on one hand all of the women in a room of older men. The absence of diversity struck the then-college student, who recalls feeling out... more →
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