Why It Is Necessary For Us To Start Our Daughter With Medical Marijuana

Julia started taking anti-seizure medication when she was 7 months old, following her first seizure and diagnosis of Infantile Spasms. In the seven years since then, she’s tried 13 different pharmaceuticals and various combinations of those 13 different drugs to hold the seizures at bay. This is what one mother is saying about... more →
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Legal Issues Prohibit Marijuana Use At Work In Certain Circumstances

Colorado Moves to Solve the Cannabis Banking Problem
Health Canada states that dried marijuana is not an approved drug or medicine in Canada:”The Government of Canada does not endorse the use of marijuana, but the courts have required reasonable access to a legal source of marijuana when authorized by a physician.” The department estimates that the number of Canadians... more →
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Medical Marijuana Rules “Re-Reviewed” By Washington State

This time, with the state seeking to support its nascent recreational marijuana industry after the passage of Initiative 502 in 2012, there was a financial impetus to pull the medical users into the recreational system. Among the law’s many provisions, it creates a voluntary registry of patients and, beginning next year, eliminates... more →
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Dixie Cannabis Brands: Similar Names, Different Companies

A unique case of branding and ownership is currently confounding the legal marijuana business world. Dixie Elixirs and Dixie Botanicals, two of the well-known brands in the industry, may have the same first name and nearly-exactly the same logos, but they are now actually of different companies. It all started when the companies,... more →
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Colorado Celebrates Marijuana ‘High Holiday’

Marijuana lovers, entrepreneurs, and even investors in Colorado celebrated over the weekend an important date in pot culture: April 20, also known as 420. All weekend, enthusiasts wandered Denver’s Civic Center Park, which was filled with bong displays, and partied at cannabis-friendly venues. They then marked the unofficial holiday... more →
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Investor Kevin Harrington Wants In On Pot Industry

A former investing “Shark” now has his sights on the legal marijuana industry. Kevin Harrington, serial entrepreneur and one of the original investors featured on the TV show “Shark Tank”, announced this during his keynote speech at the Marijuana Investor Summit. “By 2030, [the legal cannabis industry] will be worth $200... more →
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Minnesota MMJ Firms Raise $30 M

In an unprecedented achievement among medical marijuana (MMJ) startups, two medical cannabis companies in Minnesota have raised a combined total of close to $30 million in investments. The companies, Leafline Labs and Minnesota Medical Solutions (MinnMed), are the ones that Minnesota authorities have selected to grow and dispense... more →
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Oregon Upgrades For Cash-Carrying Pot Businesses

It looks like Oregon is building the next entrepreneurial haven for legal marijuana businesses. The state recently revealed its plans to put up measures that would greatly help medical and recreational cannabis companies, especially those that are relying on cash transactions. For one, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission intends... more →
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Marijuana Lab Seeks $5 M For Global Expansion

In the midst of vibrant investing activity in the legal marijuana industry, science and technology firms catering to cannabis are now also opening up to more financial backers. One of the most recent is Steep Hill Labs Inc, a cannabis testing laboratory firm now seeking $5 million for international expansion. Founded in 2008, Steep... more →
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Is This The One Pot Stock Worth Buying?

It is now undeniable that the legal marijuana industry is booming, what with all the entrepreneurs, investors, and consumers it has attracted. The proliferation of publicly traded cannabis stocks also shows the rapid growth of the industry. But investment experts have always warned that not all pot stocks are worth buying, and in... more →
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