Hartford Schools: No To Overdose Drug | Valley News

In a severe heroin overdose case, the report said, the districts nurses would be able to use breathing aids and CPR to keep an overdose patient breathing for 15 minutes, the maximum response time for emergency service providers to both the high school and the middle school. Over the past several weeks, the area has experienced... more →
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Matica Closes Second Tranche Of Financing

We are moving forward quickly to finalize our facility with a goal of becoming the next publicly traded Licensed Producer in Canada under the new MMPR program. We are currently preparing for the pre-license inspection with Health Canada and if granted would become the sixth publicly traded company with an MMPR license.” ... more →
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Pot Regulation Is Squeezing Out Marijuana Entrepreneurs

Renewing it, she said, cost more than twice that and required investing about $25,000 in the company’s kitchen, including a security system with 24-hour video surveillance. She wouldn’t have a business today if her husband weren’t a manufacturing specialist, she says. As hard as shes worked, Dooley’s experience... more →
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Office Of The Secretary Of State Has Warnings About Scams In Medical Marijuana

It’s like anything else, when you’re involved in business you have to do your own due diligence and your own investigating. You have to vet potential vendors, Gale said However, not all vendors are taking this precaution. “Of course everyone is thinking how can I get a piece of that action’, said Bob Walsh,... more →
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Twins With Niemann-pick Found Hope Because Parents’ Discovery

Over good wine and grilled steak at the home of Chris and Hugh Hempel, in the hills around Reno, Nevada, the conversation turns to biomedical research and genetics. It’s a reminder of the path that the Hempels have walked for eight years, of a world that few parents can imagine, until it stares them in the face. The Hempels... more →
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A State Expected To Lead The Nation As A Model Of Medical Cannabis Reform Is Texas, Say NTRR

Neutra Corp. is a healthy lifestyle company that specializes in the development and marketing of natural wellness solutions, including cannabis-related products. By delivering a variety of new technologies designed to ensure safer, more reliable access to cannabis in approved markets, Neutra Corp. plans to compete GW Pharmaceuticals... more →
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Mentor Capital Issues 3rd Quarter Financials

MicroCannabiz provides a definitive directory of 4,500 cannabis entities, and other information related cannabis services. $1.5 Million was also paid through Bhang Corporation to Bhang owners, who have kept the $1.5 Million. They have refused to issue any Bhang shares to Mentor Capital, publicly repudiating the contract they signed... more →
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Cannabis Science (CBIS) Purchases Two Parcels of Cannabis Production Land from Apothecary Genetics

In a move that signals a forceful reinvestment in the largest legal medical cannabis market, Cannabis Science, Inc. (CBIS), a U.S. company specializing in global cannabis formulation-based drug development and consulting, has successfully renegotiated its agreement with Apothecary Genetics Investments LLC to purchase and license... more →
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