New Markets Open Up For Products Sold By NTRR

As Neutra Corp. ( NTRR ) and its joint venture partners work to create innovative new indoor horticulture solutions, an enormous market for medical cannabis cultivation appears to be opening up in Canada. Since April 1, Health Canada has permitted individuals and companies to possess and hold production licenses for the personal... more →
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1776 2.0 Is The Front Lines Of The New Revolt

They don’t think their home state has earned taxes on the Amazon purchases or that it deserves any share of the mutually beneficial exchange between you and your dry wall guy. I bet you can think of a few dozen more examples, and increasingly were all in business and in personal life thinking of more and more ways to game... more →
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NTRR Looking In Cannabis Financial Services Sector For Opportunities

Nearly all banks remain hesitant and unwilling to work with cannabis startups, since possession and distribution of the herb is still illegal under federal law. Cannabis entrepreneurs may produce an airtight business plan but find themselves unable to secure a loan or even a checking account, even as demand for these businesses... more →
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US Stocks Down The Pipes On Second Day As Earnings Loom

The National Park Service created a national landmark Tuesday to commemorate a 1956 collision between two airliners over the Grand Canyon, a disaster that helped lead to major changes in aviation safety. A group of San Francisco Bay Area cities, counties and water agencies has joined forces for what is being billed as one of the... more →
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New York Will Likely Be The 23rd State To Approve Legalization Of Medical Reefer

Some of these cases are the most heart wrenching cases you’ve ever heard. You’re dealing with children with epilepsy, babies, so there are certainly significant medical benefits that can be garnered.But, he added,public health and public safety must be considered. As a result, smoking will not be allowed and only doctors will... more →
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SEC Has Warning For Investors Re: Scams On Pot Investing

Dozens of companies listed on the penny stock market have turned themselves into pot stocks in recent months, either through reverse mergers or a simple name change. In general, these companies don’t actually touch marijuana, but claim to be involved in the business of providing infrastructure and services to marijuana businesses... more →
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Hemp, Inc. Ramps Up Move to Its New Decorticating Plant

Hemp, Inc. (HEMP) has just ramped up the move of its decortication line of equipment, in North Carolina, after weeks of prepping. According to executives, the company purchased semi trucks, trailers, forklifts and all other necessary equipment needed to facilitate the move to the new plant. Hemp, Inc.’s new decorticating plant... more →
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Minn. Solons Look For Medical Reefer Compromise Acceptable To Governor

In his letter, Dibble proposed that the compromise bill largely reflect what the Senate already passed, but he suggested that a medical marijuana study also be conducted. That way, Dibble explained, further information could be obtained regarding the health effects of medical marijuana, while thousands of Minnesotans would still... more →
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Marijuana-Based Firms Will Continue To Have Banking Problems

Rally To Restore Sanity Cannabis Canine
Marijuana companies are struggling to have normal banking relationships since the government continues to label the drug a controlled substance. Taylor West of The National Cannabis Industry Association believes that until the federal government assures banks, in writing, that they aren’t breaking the law, they will continue to... more →
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