Who Can Get Access To Pot?: A Louisiana Marijuana Update

The law indicates that only those with one of three disease states qualify for a prescription: • Those undergoing chemotherapy for treatment of cancer • Those with spastic quadriplegia, a rare form of cerebral palsy that causes chronic muscle stiffness • Those patients suffering from glaucoma However, the number of disease... more →
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Puget Technologies Opens Telemarketing Office to Serve Expanding Travel Business

Puget Technologies, Inc. (OTCQB: PUGE) announced today that it has opened a 3750 sq ft executive office space at 88 Inverness Circle East, Building M103, Englewood, CO 80112 which will serve as the Company’s first centralized travel office. The fully furnished leased office space sits inside the center of the business district.... more →
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American Green Executes Acquisition Agreement With TrackX

American Green, Inc. (OTC PINK: ERBB) is very pleased to announce today that it has executed an acquisition agreement with TrackX, LLC (www.TrackX.com). TrackX, a Denver-based company, is one of the country’s leading providers of complete Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tracking and cloud-based physical asset management... more →
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Medical Marijuana Almost A Reality In Maryland

As with any other drug, doctors would follow the latest research to ensure that marijuana is appropriate for each patient. Doctors would be able to certify patients to get the drug from a dispensary in Maryland. Byron said she has heard interest from companies, doctors and patients across the state. A group that specializes in cultivating... more →
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Louisiana Governor Jindal Nods Head For Marijuana Bill To Reform Criminal Penalties

The bill, HB 149, would reform criminal penalties for marijuana, making it a misdemeanor rather than a felony for a second offense of marijuana possession. It also allows first-time offenders to erase their first conviction for possessing marijuana if they don’t re-offend within two years. In the case of one of the bills, which... more →
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Slowly But Surely: Minnesota Moving Towards Medical Pot Legalization

While Minnesota is upholding a ban on smoked products, officials of Minnesota have recently went easy on imposing a statewide ban on medical cannabis products. The state has been approving the use of oils and pills for patients who are seriously or terminally ill. Under the new law in Minnesota, users will be able to use liquid and... more →
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On July 1st, In Minnesota, Medical Marijuana Will Finally Be Legal

Investing in Marijuana Beverly Hills Cannabis Club with CNBC’s Cheryl Shuman
          The Health Department rejected an attempt by two doctors to set up a clinic with the sole purpose of certifying cannabis patients. Despite appeals from the physicians, the state maintained that the only health care providers in Minnesota who should certify patients are the ones who will be monitoring... more →
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BP Gardens in Lincoln, California Is Now in Operation

Greengro Technologies (OTC PINK: GRNH) has announced today that John Taylor will manage all operations related to BP Gardens. BP Gardens greenhouse project in Lincoln, California (5585 Garden Bar Rd., Lincoln, CA 95648), after a long permitting process through the local and state governing bodies, is now in operation. It has business... more →
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