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Congress needs to address the use of hemp and marijuana. I believe that the federal law against these substances needs to be abolished. I understand the states are in a much better position to make their own specific laws, regulations and allowances for marijuana. This is a state issue and not a federal issue. It is not fair... more →
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Marijuana Company Bud Genius in Talks to Acquire High Profile Celebrity Product Endorsements

Bud Genius (RIGH) is currently negotiating exclusive product endorsement and licensing deals with celebrities, stars, entertainers, and other household names. Competitors in the industry have eagerly but unsuccessfully sought these high profile endorsement agreements in the past, intending to brand cannabis-related products using... more →
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Easton Pharmaceuticals Announces Financing Update; Provides Additional Info Regarding Investments

Any financing may involve a co-listing on a Canadian Exchange, which if implemented would not affect the company’s current U.S listing on the OTC markets. Although the financial institution is looking into all parts of Easton’s business segments, the main Easton initiative the brokerage firm is looking towards investing... more →
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Instagram Threats Made By A Student Alerted Police Authorities

Idiots like this should be locked up for a very long time. To make threats like this is no joke. The posts also included photos of guns, dead bodies and a school marquee for a Valencia High School, all later found to be stock images found on the Internet. Valencia High School has been nominated to be shot up first, another post... more →
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Two Rivers Enters into Farmland Sale and Leaseback Agreement

Two Rivers Water & Farming Company, (TURV) “Two Rivers”) (, announced today that it entered into a sale and leaseback agreement with an agriculture real estate investment trust (REIT). The transaction is expected to be completed within 45 days. Wayne Harding, Chief Financial Officer for Two Rivers... more →
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There Is Opportunity In Inequality In Gold Juniors

So, I decided to dive deeper into the data. Here’s the distribution of cash levels of exploration companies in Ontario. Or to put it another way, 19 of 22 companies in total have less than half the cash of the top three. Note: its worth mentioning that we define the exploration stage as companies without a valid 43-101 resource. There... more →
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With Help Of Strategic Investor, Maple Leaf Secures Private Placement

Rally To Restore Sanity Cannabis Canine
This agency agreement will allow AGL to assist Maple Leaf, on a best effort basis when determined by Maple Leaf, to raise up to Cdn$5 million outside North America for the Company to pursue its medical marijuana business. This agreement is for the period of 1 year from September 1, 2014. AGL is a capital holding company registered... more →
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Terra Tech Releases Corporate & Revenue Update

“We are currently assembling our applications for Northern Nevada, as well as preparing our applications for the State which we intend on submitting by the August 18th deadline.” Florida: On June 16, 2014, Florida Governor Rick Scott signed into law Senate Bill 1030, which permits five dispensing organizations in the... more →
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